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22 settembre 2017

Our interview with Clare Shenstone

Clare Shenstone: Bacon, Bowie and that time in Berlin when I dreamt about dolphins… An incredible artist. Clare Shenstone is a fabulous and prolific London-based painter. The […]
8 settembre 2017

The review of ‘David Bowie: A Life’, the biography by Dylan Jones

LOOKING FOR DAVID Dylan Jones, DAVID BOWIE: A LIFE, Preface Publishing, 2017 EBook/hardcover, 544 pagg, 240x180x50 mm, 894 gr, £ 20,00 As a form history, the […]
7 settembre 2017

“Jones on Jones”: our interview with Dylan Jones

JONES ON JONES Before becoming a brilliant journalist and contributor to some of the most important magazines and newspapers in the UK, as well as a […]
29 agosto 2017

Our interview with Masayoshi Sukita

Interviewing a mythical figure like Masayoshi Sukita is never an easy thing. And sure enough, it wasn’t so even last September in Bologna, when we met […]
31 luglio 2017

Our interview with the photographer Frank Ockenfels 3

THE PHOTOGRAPHER WHO USED TO SHOOT THE ROCK GOD Maybe his name will not say too much to you. But everyone has probably seen some of […]
20 giugno 2017

Our interview with the artist Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy is one of the most intriguing artist using graphical illustrations. Brazilian, 1978, in these years he has worked spreading his drawings mostly on the […]
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