English Corner

30 gennaio 2018

The memory of photographer Bruce Vartan Boyajian

As often happens, a few days ago I was wandering around the net looking for news about David and, suddenly, I came across an image never […]
24 novembre 2017

Our interview to Nicholas P. Greco, author of “David Bowie in Darkness”

DARKNESS DESCENDING : https://i-d.vice.com/en_uk/article/ywdapk/why-a-new-magical-counter-culture-is-emerging In this article, we read about the common tendency for “speculative realism,” like, for example, Quentin Meillassoux. It seems that your position […]
19 novembre 2017

Celebrating the Black Star

David Bowie is a myth. For what Blackstar is about, this is his real occasion to create his own myth. Since old times, myth is a […]
15 novembre 2017

Our interview with Francis Whately

DISCOVERING MR. BOWIE During his career David Bowie collaborated with plenty of artists, not always strictly connected with music. Only a few people know that Francis […]
5 novembre 2017

Our interview with the photographer David James

SHOOTING THE ALIEN Summer 1975, New Mexico. An English crew is filming a sci-fi movie. The main character is played by a very famous rockstar who […]
2 novembre 2017

Our interview with Martin Samuel

RED, RED, ELECTRIC RED WAS THE COLOR OF HIS HAIR… I’d love to believe that I really had great haircuts. David Bowie Who is Martin Samuel? […]