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6 aprile 2017

Our interview with CANDY CLARK

THE WOMAN WHO LOVED THE ALIEN Davidbowieblackstar.it interviews Candy Clark. After her debut in John Huston’s Fat City (1972) she obtained an Academy nomination for Best Supporting […]
2 marzo 2017

Space Digression

SPACE ODDITY by Alessio Barettini Space Oddity is a song that doesn’t need any presentations, obviously, but that also represents a good link between music and […]
24 febbraio 2017

The Third Man: Ziggy Stardust

by Helene Marie Thian Fashion theorist Yuniya Kawamura defines ‘fashion-ology’ as the social science of understanding fashion from a critical thinking perspective (2005). The fashion-focused work […]
14 febbraio 2017

New Italian David Bowie Fanzine launching order now!

New Italian David Bowie Fanzine launching order now! Each day our world goes on with several notices. Wikipedia is constantly upgraded and probably you can see […]
12 febbraio 2017

Helene Marie Thian: an alien in Louisiana

Imagine an American teenager like so many others who, in rock music’s most glorious decade, drives for nine hours straight from New Orleans to Memphis just […]
9 febbraio 2017

Dave Gahan: of faith and devotion

Dave Gahan: of faith and devotion di Leo Mansueto – Traduzione di Matteo Tonolli What would it be of the Young David ‘Dave’ Gahan if at […]
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