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22 settembre 2017

Our interview with Clare Shenstone

Clare Shenstone: Bacon, Bowie and that time in Berlin when I dreamt about dolphins… An incredible artist. Clare Shenstone is a fabulous and prolific London-based painter. The […]
8 settembre 2017

The review of ‘David Bowie: A Life’, the biography by Dylan Jones

LOOKING FOR DAVID Dylan Jones, DAVID BOWIE: A LIFE, Preface Publishing, 2017 EBook/hardcover, 544 pagg, 240x180x50 mm, 894 gr, £ 20,00 As a form history, the […]
7 settembre 2017

“Jones on Jones”: our interview with Dylan Jones

JONES ON JONES Before becoming a brilliant journalist and contributor to some of the most important magazines and newspapers in the UK, as well as a […]
29 agosto 2017

Our interview with Masayoshi Sukita

Interviewing a mythical figure like Masayoshi Sukita is never an easy thing. And sure enough, it wasn’t so even last September in Bologna, when we met […]
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